Doncaster Bellestars Flyball Team
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Welcome to Doncaster Bellestars Flyball Team

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, The Doncaster Bellestars Flyball Team was formed in 2003 by our captain Debbie who wanted to bring Flyball to Doncaster to allow more people to enjoy and take part in this fast paced sport for both owner and dog.

Currently we run three racing teams and also welcome new members to join our starter classes to try out the sport. The majority of the team members are from in and around the Doncaster area.

Although the majority of dogs that are seen competing in the sport are Border Collies and Working Sheep Dogs we actively encourage owners of other breeds and crossbreeds to take part in the sport. If your dog likes to play and fetch a ball,  is active and sociable then the makings of flyball dog is there.

Almost any size dog can also compete, from small Jack Russell's to German Shepherd's, most dogs will take to flyball.

Our training sessions  take place on Sunday Mornings both for the starter dogs and the racing team dogs.  Our experienced team members will all help out with the training of the new starter dogs. We start competing next season in starter competitions at Easter and hopefully new dogs will progress to actual racing teams during next summer.

Flyball is a great way of meeting people who love dogs. As the season progresses and tournaments take place more often then team members will stay over for the weekend, usually camping or staying in the dog friendly Travelodges.

Everyone gets to take a mini break doing what they enjoy and what the dogs love doing so everyone has a great time. The flyball circuit is like a big extended family where everyone helps out with advice or just friendly banter.

The competitions that we will be entering are mostly within a two hour drive of Doncaster and it is our aim to enter on average one or two a month. Competition days can be early starts and long days but they are what we train our dogs for and they can very rewarding especially if rosettes and certificates are achieved.

If you like the sound of this fantastic sport and want to give it a go with your dog then please contact us for further details. We look forward to meeting you and your dog very soon.



Doncaster Canine Therapy and Flyball Club