Electronic Score Boards

A wide range of key venues using electronic technology around the globe have turned into Electronic score boards that do not just look stunning from every angle and distance they also deliver stable performance year after year out.

Diverse kinds of sports like track cycling, athletics, street cycling, running events and mountain biking and synchronized swimming diving, as well as inline skating, water polo ball spots motor sports, mountain skiing biathlon, and cross country are just some of the fields which electronic scoreboards are the perfectly match solutions for. Utilizing the latest technologies, these boards offer high-brightness flat panels and offer an additional benefit.

Electronics Scoreboards offers good sound and powerful lighting, which transform the overall effect on the field. In basketball, football volleyball, hockey where the time is vital and is constantly displayed on the scoreboards , it decreases with every second. You can then leave the game with spbo bet live score the real-life noise of the alarm sound as the time is over!

Let the board do the job for you. In the moment, there is no need to continue keeping track of everything you think about as you play. If you constantly keep calculating the score on your mind then how do you focus your thoughts on the game? It’s not your responsibility. Let the board take care of it your job.

Some electronic Scoreboards have an effective horn system (in auto mode) and can be used to signal the beginning and ending of a game, as well as the beginning and ending of intermissions. These systems come with a manual ‘override feature, which allows an horn system to be utilized any time during a game to signal emergencies, fouls, etc.

Electronic Scoreboards utilize high-brightness LEDs to provide the best visibility and clarity with full-color spectrum, enhanced brightness and a wide range of designs.

In the field of LED technology, display modules made up of green, red and blue LEDs comprise each pixels. Each module may have three and four LEDs within it (one red one green, an additional blue) or many of them and usually vary from 4mm to 4 centimeters (about 0.2in 1.5in to 1.5in). For a scoreboard constructed using LED technology the thousands of LED modules are incorporated into the form of a rectangular grid. The dimension of the screen is dependent on the dimensions that the modules are.

Fantastic technology, amazing visual clarity, and easy setup and use are among the features that draw the attention of sports events to set up the event will be conducted.

An innovator in the field in the field of Electronic signboards, Jayex Technology specializes in designing custom-designed visual display solutions for games, and also has scoreboards that are available in the stores. With a focus on solutions for every sports venue, Jayex Technology are suppliers of scoring solutions and sports timing, messages information displays, and clocks and time systems.

Electronic scoreboards display systems are contained in a smart light, wall-mounted enclosure made of polypropylene on an aluminium frame extruded.